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Hello! In case you’re wondering what happened to Makeup Your Mind… it’s undergoing a few changes! While I love the old name of my business, I felt the need to update and go in a little different direction, something a little more versatile and straight to the point. With my husband being in the Navy, I’m not sure where I’ll be in the next few years, so it’s easier to identify if I have to pack up and make new clientele later on down the road. Don’t fret though! I have other plans for Makeup Your Mind for later in my future when Jared is retired and we can put down roots somewhere. (I literally dream of this day often!) Until then, Ashley Padgett Artistry it will be. 😉

I took a hiatus from makeup artistry for a few years, only doing a wedding here and there, a few formal events and of course getting my brushes on some of my close friends. Most of my clientele from Makeup Your Mind was from Oak Harbor, WA and the Pacific Northwest where I started my business, and I had a pretty decent fan base I guess you could call it. So when we got orders stationing us back in San Diego, Ca, I was completely thrown off guard. My husband and I were pretty confident that we’d be able to stay in Whidbey Island for the rest of his career. (Goes to show you how naive we still were about the way the Navy works! Lessons learned now!) At the time, I was working part time at Island Drug Pharmacy, freelancing almost every weekend at MAC Cosmetics in Seattle, and getting decent work from my business with weddings and photo shoots. We moved and I was uprooted from the first town I’d consider Home outside of my childhood town, along with leaving behind two jobs I really loved and my clientele from Makeup Your Mind. I was pretty devastated to put it honestly. Even though I was super busy all the time, I felt successful and I was managing pretty well. I had purpose outside my family life and I was able to express myself creatively doing what I really loved to do and I was scared to death to leave it all behind. I was so determined to get going with my business again down in San Diego when we got settled, to get in with MAC in the southern districts and expand contacts. Even though I was heartbroken, I had high hopes for San Diego. And high hopes was all they were unfortunately. My biggest reason for not pursuing my business down in San Diego is the sole fact that the industry is CRAZY saturated down there. I started all engines blazing and that found time and time again I would attract flaky and cheap cheap people. Now… I can also be cheap, so that’s not necessarily an insult, more just the truth. I went to school, have a diploma in makeup artistry and several other classes that I’ve taken to further my education, not to mention the experience of the last several years to back up my pricing. So when I would get cancelations explaining they had found someone to do their makeup for cheaper… as in half the price or more, it was extremely frustrating trying to process that meaning. Was I charging too much? Should I lower my prices? Do they not like my style? Maybe I’m not as good as I thought I was… all matters of self doubt crept in and it was almost paralyzing. I ended up not reducing my prices because I was “competing” with people who were not educated in either technique or sanitation, and as a result, it was rare when I booked a client. A couple months later, I finally got to do my interview and tryout with MAC again and thought I nailed it. I never got a call back. We were supposed to get a call, but nothing. I went into the store to ask what I could do to better myself for the next interview and got the worst cold shoulder from the store manager in charge of hiring for all of San Diego. It felt like someone slapped me and slammed the door in my face. Now creative paralysis was becoming a reality and I still to this day have no idea why she disliked me so much. All water under the bridge and to be honest, I’m not sure I would have fit in with MAC in SD. It’s a whole different makeup world there than in Seattle guys! While I’m glad to have experienced San Diego culture again for a few years, I’m so wholeheartedly happy to be back in the Pacific Northwest!

The other reason for not continuing on with Makeup Your Mind in CA, was because my husband was on shore duty for 3 years. Which means he wouldn’t be leaving on deployment for three. whole. YEARS! Which ultimately meant it was baby time again! 😉 We had specifically waited for him to go on shore duty before having another child because I didn’t want him to miss out on the first year of the baby’s life since he missed so much of our daughters first year. I had known this little detail for awhile, but didn’t know how that would fit in with my business, or even the fact that we were going to be back in SD away for another pregnancy. In the end, the decision was made to not dive back into makeup because I wanted to be there for our son just like I was home for my daughter. That, and also because we were really hoping to move back home to WA when his shore duty was up, so I didn’t feel like pouring more resources into SD when we hoped to move in a year and half. Bryce was born in November 2014 and Jared got to be there for his first full year of life before he left for Hawaii and we moved back to WA in January 2016. Talk about sticking to the plan! Ha! Jared’s command will leave for deployment within the next month or two and when they return, they’ll be moving the whole command from Hawaii to Oak Harbor, which means I’ll be going back home next  year, for at least the next few years! We just put in for military housing and we are hoping to move to Oak Harbor in February 2017. In the meantime, I’m loving living back in Whatcom County where I grew up. I am down-the-street-neighbors with my In-Laws, my sister and grandparents live in the same town, along with several aunts and uncles and a whole gaggle of cousins. My parents still live in my childhood home 20 mins away, and I can hear all sorts of country wildlife from my back yard. It took me a minute to adjust to being back, but I’m so thankful. God is SO good!

Why start back up with makeup again? I can honestly still say that I’m hesitant because of my lack of confidence and I’m scared to fail or to not do as well as I had in the past. But it’s amazing how word of mouth still travels, and I’ve had the opportunity to do a couple weddings since I’ve been back and the response from everyone has been overwhelmingly gracious. I never stopped loving makeup and the transformations I can help pull out of people, I was just hiding in my cocoon for a few years. It’s about time to break out and transform my self confidence into action. I truly can’t wait to get my creative juices flowing again and to get back into some studios, on locations of weddings and anywhere I can bet my brushes on some beautiful faces!

So for those of you who were wondering where I went, now you know my story.

Thanks for sticking with me!

All the love,


PS. Please excuse my website, it’s a big work in progress! I’m doing things totally different this time around and I’m trying to learn how to do everything myself instead of paying someone to do it for me. Your patience is much appreciated, and please check back often to see the progress… the slow progress!


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